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Centre of Education and Promotion of the Region (CEPR)

Only here you may see the history of Poland sculptured in wood. Within our grounds you will find things that are unique in Poland, in Europe and in the world.

The longest wooden plank in the world

It is a plank of 46.53 cm, entered in the Guinness Book of Records. It has been cut out of a Douglas-fir. It is the symbol of the unity of the Kashubian people. It emphasizes the value of wood, which for centuries has been the basic material used for building and construction in Kashubia.

The longest table in the world

It is made of one piece of wood. 200 persons may be seated at that table at the same time. The table is thought to integrate all the people of the world, regardless of the skin colour, nationality or faith. The table is used during various celebrations, integration meetings, wedding receptions, family reunions, anniversaries, corporate parties, springtime and summertime get-togethers and concerts.

The exhibition of the most ancient tools

The exhibition of the most ancient tools used by the Kashubian people for centuries. It comprises mostly tools and everyday objects.

House of the Siberian Deportee

It is the reconstruction of a Soviet gulag and a locomotive with carriages. Here we commemorate the tragic fate of the Polish people deported to Siberia during the second world war in “trains headed for nowhere”. The wooden house was made of Angara pine. It was brought here from the surroundings of the city of Irkuck (more than 8000 km away). It is approximately 240 years old.

House of the Polish Insurgent

It was brought here from Turkey, from the city of Adampol. The house was built 170 years ago using the sweet chestnut wood. It reminds the visitors of the tragic fate of the Polish soldiers who fought on the territories of other countries for the independence of their own fatherland.

Trapper’s House “Kashubia”

The trapper’s house was brought here from Canada, from the Ontario province. It is over 150 years old. It is made of cedar wood. The house reminds the tourists of the history of the Kashubian people who emigrated “for bread”.

Reconstructed bunker

A reconstructed bunker of guerrilla soldiers of the second world war. It is a place in which we learn about the history of the Secret Military Organization “Gryf Pomorski”, the most numerous organization of the underground army acting in Kashubia.

The “Upside Down” House

It is a symbol of a world turned upside down by a man. It is not only the excellent entertainment and the promotion of our Centre, but also a chance to convey the contemporary allegory of the world in which the tradition and the system of values have been turned upside down.

National Unity Chapel

A wooden chapel in which unique exhibits have been collected, referring to the history of Poland and Kashubia. The temple is used not only for religious practice. It is a perfect place for thoughts and reflections on the tragic history of our nation.

Salino Manor House

One of the smallest wooden manor houses in the world. It is a symbol of the continuity of the tradition and culture of the “noble Poland”. It reminds the visitors of the significance of such buildings in the strengthening of the Polish statehood and national individuality.

The largest piano in the world still used for concerts

The piano was entered in the Guinness Record Book in 2010. Many nationally and internationally renowned concert pianists played that instrument (among others: Adam Makowicz, Leszek Możdżer, Waldemar Malicki).

Kashubian cabin transferred from Wilanów

It is approximately 250 years old. With its architecture the cabin refers to traditional wooden Kashubian houses. It symbolizes the hard work of our ancestors.

Snuff (tobacco) house – „Tobacznik”

It is a unique place in which it is possible to learn about the history of using snuff (tobacco), to see a unique collection of Kashubian snuffboxes and to try some of the traditional types of that “regional speciality”.

Within the grounds of the Centre we organize entertaining events for children who are on summer camps, educational trips or school excursions, for employees on company outings, for groups of tourists and for individual visitors. At your request we may organize educational programmes, parties, integration events, as well as packages of various attractions maintained in the Kashubian atmosphere lasting one day or several days.

At our guests' disposal we have:

“Kaszubsko Koruna” Brewery

Here, you may not only drink some renowned regional types of beer prepared on the basis of the traditional Kashubian recipes, but also become familiar with the process of brewing those excellent products and taste exquisite regional dishes which ideally suit the nature of all our beers.

Angling location

People who love angling have a possibility of catching exquisite trout, which, after the appropriate preparation, may then be grilled and served. The specific conditions of the angling location give the fish a unique taste.

5D cinema

The cinema guarantees unique and specific emotions. A curved screen and the 3D image take the viewers on a journey to the Wonderland and even on board a spacecraft. While watching a movie you can feel the wind in your hair, as well as snow, rain and a specific fragrance permeating the air.

Ropes Park

It is dedicated to people who like strong emotions and extreme sports. Several difficulty levels make the ropes park ideal not only for adults but also for children. The activities are constantly supervised by instructors who have excellent preparation and who may offer professional help at any time.


Only on our premises tourists may form and bake loaves of aromatic Kashubian bread all by themselves.

Banquet hall

Extraordinary place with a unique atmosphere. Here you may taste and eat regional Kashubian dishes to your heart's content, roast a sausage on the “eternal fire” and feast to the music of a Kashubian folk band.

Scout’s House

It is possible to buy products and souvenirs, typical of our region, connected with the Kashubian culture.

Within the grounds of the Centre of Education and Promotion of the Region our guests may have a rest, drink aromatic coffee in a local café or have some tea in a tea shop. Children are welcome to spend some time on the playground and in the mini ZOO or to go for a ride on a hay rack wagon.


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